Bones of Contention: Why are so many human remains locked up in Berlin museums?

Thousands of skulls and skeletons from victims of German colonialism are lying in Berlin museums. Why is […]

On Our Radar

On Our Radar: FLOSS and Nalan

FLOSS and Nalan are the two Berlin artists you need to hear right now.

Friday, May 24

Is Berlin planning to remove a statue to Korean “comfort women”?

Comments from Berlin Mayor Kai Wegner hint at the removal of a statue commemorating the victims of […]

Monday, May 27

Brawl in Prenzlauer Berg: Basketball fans fight in the streets

Hundreds of basketball fans were involved in a mass brawl on Saturday night before Panathinaikos Athens lifted […]

Editor's column

A final bow: Theatretreffen celebrates the legacy of René Pollesch

This year's Theatretreffen brought into focus a recent loss: Schaubühne director René Pollesch.

Editor's column

Needle drop: How campy pop bangers are transforming movies

A few recent films bring attention to an underrated movie technique: licensing old music for fresh emotional […]

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